Monday, October 4, 2010

the African spirit

I don't know how else to describe it, but quite frankly this place has a spirit of joy. I went and saw Joseph and the Techni-Colored Dreamcoat. I must admit I was VERY surprised by the quality of the show. Not only did they have costumes and the music was wonderful, but the kids were just so good. The conductor couldn't have been older than the rest of the class (6th form which is more or less 6th grade or their 6th year in school). He was so enthusiastic and into what he was doing, waving his arms in a figure eight pattern regardless of the song. Dressed in a rainbow, bright vest and never stopping, he meant business. Granted he would have completely failed even Intro to Conducting, but that wasn't the point. The dancing was quite impressive and the power behind the songs when at least 50 children are singing at once is quite incredible! I almost cried at the end.

Sat. night, Ms. Courtney Greeley came with two of her friends for the night before climbing Kili and then going out into the field for seven weeks! It made me sad to think about Luther. It made me realize how much I had forgotten, but of course it was great to see her and hear words like "pop" again. We also threw a frisbee which made me SO happy!

Went with the Arusha Hiking club on Sun. and met some new friends. Unfortunately, we just walked through a village and it was overcast, but still really nice to just walk and get some fresh air. Got a pedicure for 7000 (equivalent of less than 5 bucks!) and a dang good one too! My feet were so calloused from MT. Apparently being vegetarian makes you lose a lot of weight. Everytime I go to the gym I'm 4 kilos lighter! I'm starting to wonder if the scale is broken..

4 days till break, that's really all I can think of!! Our plan is to go to Selous Game Reserve (where there are 64,000 elephants, 4000 lions, and 2000 giraffes (bigger than Serengeti!), Lushoto to do some hiking in the mountains, and of course hit up the Indian Ocean. Then I'm off to Cairo to visit Claire. Probably won't be a whole lot to update before then.


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