Sunday, February 13, 2011

Safari w/ Parents

In summary, it was an experience I will never forget! To explain all the animals we saw would be way too lengthy, and I haven't stayed in accommodation with views like that ever. My dad spotted a black rhino with his spotting scope as soon as we arrived at the hotel (there are only 13 left in the world so it's pretty rare!). The food was unbelievable at the Serena lodges with things like red peppers, cherry tomatoes, and lots of other veggies I hadn't seen in quite awhile. YUMMY! Even the beef at lunch was delicious unlike the tough, chewy meat here. Our driver was a very nice 27 yr old who said things like war-thogs and everything was "no proh-blem". He was so cute saying he missed his sister and how much more important family was than getting a wife. We came REALLY close to lions to the point where I stopped taking pics I was too cared it would jump up and snatch it. We never saw an attack but we did see lions and cheetah enjoying their prey. Saw lots of birds I didn't expect to see like the largest owl in Africa, flamingoes, ostrich, coral bustard (which we kept thinking our guide said bastard), crane, stork, stalk, and hornbill. We saw hippoes in and out of the water. They are ENORMOUS!!! And lots and lots of giraffes, elephants, and the migration of zebras and wildebeests and their relative the hatabeest. I did not know they made such sounds!! It was like an animal choir. Warthogs necks are too short so they have to kneel down on their front knees. Quite hilarious!

We stayed in a luxury tent where we had the equivalent of a chamber pot, but hey there wsa a toilet in the tent, and we all gathered around a campfire before dinner. I love camping so much!!! I'm realizing I can't go more than 6 weeks without it. The Masai boma (traditional house) minus being hot was really cool and had a beautiful view. The crater was GORGEOUS and we were right on the rim.

It was so great to have my parents here. They got to see a lot for nine days and can understand why I'm here after they saw the outreach concert and Umoja Ensemble. Though the dynamic when I was teaching by myself was VERY different!! Much more chaotic and not as good listeners/obedience.

Check out Facebook for MANY a photo of Safari. I tried to upload a photo but it failed :(

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