Sunday, January 17, 2016

Travels to Thailand

What a failed blogger I've been! ComMUSICation has kept me quite busy with our new partnership at the Mt. Airy Boys & Girls' Club and starting a new less-intensive program, getting our own office space, hiring new staff, board expansion, and fundraising. IN addition, I also started graduate school this fall in Comparative International Development Education, which has been so refreshing to be around development-minded colleagues and others who have lived abroad. It has been so refreshing to hear individuals that share similar viewpoints on development and has been wonderful to be in classes that I can directly apply to my work (like writing CMC's parent and student program evaluation!).

After this busy semester, a vacation was in order. Here are my top 10 memories from my Travels in Thailand (w/ layovers in Hong Kong and Japan!).

1) Mountains in Hong Kong
Most talk about city life in Hong Kong, but under two hours away is BEAUTIFUL hiking paradise!
Landau Mountain 

2) Koh Phi Phi
This non-motorized small island is known for its party scene, but if you climb some stairs, the viewpoints are absolutely breathtaking!

3) Koh Lanta

Not nearly as well-known, you have the beaches and the jungle, and wonderful homegrown organic food @EasyLife Lanta Bungalows in jungle cabanas

If you like rock climbing, this is your paradise! But even if you don't, there are limestone caves, beautiful beaches, and truly awesome sunsets!
 Phranang Cave

5) Pai
Land of veg food, scooters and hippies. Also by a canyon, waterfalls you can slide down, and hot springs you can bathe in or boil eggs (bring your student ID and you can save on admission)!

                                         Mor Paeng Waterfall, the waterfall you can slide down
 Pai Canyon, be ready for some climbing and hoisting yourself up rocks, but well worth it!

6) Night markets
Are a must! Food, souvenirs, open mic/buskers, clothing, they have it all!
 Noodle choices for Pad Thai at Khao San Road, Bangkok
 They LOVED their waffles and crepes

7) Buatong Waterfall-Sticky Waterfalls
A bit of a drive outside Chiang Mai, but well worth it-you can climb up them (this pic is misleading, no rope required)

 8) Elephant trekking
If you're going to ride an elephant, make sure you go with an ethical company! Many elephants are treated poorly! I HIGHLY recommend Save&Rescue Ran-Tong elephant camp where they provide mahout (trainer) clothes, and you feed, bathe, and ride the elephants
 Feeding her favorite snack (look at that tongue!)
 Bath time

9) Chiang Mai
The land of temples, amazing yoga classes (Check out Wild Rose Yoga Studio!), and tigers 

                                          Tiger Kingdom

                                                      Doi Suthep Temple

Inmate Massage & Cafe
They train female inmates how to be masseuses and work in a cafe (and make delicious banana shakes!)
10) Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi
It's 1227 STEEP steps but it's a temple at the top of a mountain with a 360˚ view.

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