Monday, April 2, 2012

30 we go

So I have 30 days to live in this beautiful city. I started the first one by learning Irish music and can now play a jig and a reel. I was sad I didn't discover this earlier, but then realized I'm moving to Boston where these things MUST exist with all the Irishmen there. I also realized how much I am going to miss my buds at salsa. Ditto zumba/kickboxing! I have no doubt there is salsa there, but I am seriously part of the Bar Abilene salsa community now. I was debating going salsa dancing in Austin when I'm there this week but won't know anyone and realized that's why I enjoy it so much, but we'll see...I keep almost adjusting to life in one place only to move on to another so it's my own fault.

I did have a wonderful birthday here in the TC though. Celebrated with friends, won a Zumba shirt, and ate some good Irish food and did a tiny bit of Ceili dancing. Excited to travel in May don't get me wrong, but really enjoying Mpls!

So now I'll make a list of things I'm excited for:

1) Public transportation every ten mins and 24/7
2) Living by the ocean!
3) Involvement with Irish music/dance (yes I can do this here)
4) Speaking Italian/joining an Italian community
5) Haymarket
6) Quincy Market

I have a feeling this will grow!

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