Thursday, March 29, 2012

Times A Changin'

OH MY GOSH OHMYGOSH OMG OMG OMG OMG! That was my response when I opened up my email that was titled Congrats from NEC! I am proud to publicly (well as public as this blog gets anyway) say that I am a 2012-2013 Abreu Fellow at New England Conservatory!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am more than excited, but it has made me rethink my time until then and I've decided life in Mpls is going to end at the end of April. As sad as this is, logistically it makes the most sense. One of my best girl friends Lauren and I are going to Eurohop and then I won't be rushed with the time commitment of a week for spring break and I've even seriously contemplated visiting my other family in Tanzania and seeing their first large scale production mid-June. I'm realizing this is my last chance to "spread my wings" and "do what I want" and while I will miss all my dearest friends and seeing my family so often, I can't feel more good about this decision. I also watched an amazing movie last night called The Way which definitely made me want to go to Europe MORE!!!! You should definitely see that movie if you haven't.

I have certainly enjoyed my time in Mpls and know it will always be here. Part of me is sad that the life I have built the past six months will be wiped clean, but the price is FAR worth it!!! It really does take close to a full year to feel like a place is home though.

Without trying, an amazing internship opportunity has landed itself in my lap as well in Boston which would give me a chance to get out there early and get familiar with my new home. I'm still waiting for the logistical letter from NEC before I know when this will begin. Part of me would LOVE to be in Uptown for the summer, but I know I wouldn't do well living in Afton and cannot afford to lose $1500 essentially twiddling my thumbs. I also reminded myself this is why I didn't sign a full year lease.

I just let go of my baby ACME. Not to say I won't still be involved but I've decided it is the best decision mentally to let go as I make this new transition. This has probably been the hardest decision of all. Life has SERIOUSLY changed like THAT in a blink of an eye! But for the better!!!

And I think I'm most excited (aside from living in Venezuela, meeting Dr. Abreu and free tuition) for the fact that I will be experiencing this with nine other people so I will not be alone in this new adventure unlike the others.

Going to go play guitar!

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