Saturday, June 9, 2012

I've done a lot this past month, it's hard to know where to begin and I think pictures speak 1000 words. My Italian is MUCH better (though at the expense of my stuttering Spanish now), I've caught up with dear friends, and seen a lot of places from the local perspective. I've tasted a lot of new dishes: horse steak, squid ink and sea urchin pasta, arancinos which are breaded rice balls, granita which the closest thing we have is a slushie but that doesn't do it justice, MANY types of pizza including the Indian naan pizza in Napoli, and the best gelato which my brother has gotten me hooked on hazelnut flavor. I've hiked Mt. Snowden and Mt. Solerno, a BEAUTIFUL park in the Italian alps, Gran Paradiso National Park, the highest active volcano in Europe (mt. Etna), and many random strolls. I will say three of these there were options to take a train, or cable car, and I chose to do it by foot. Not just for the budget. There is such a satisfying almost tasteful feeling about doing it by foot and the views you receive are PRICELESS. Not to mention a wonderful getaway from all the tourists. I've arrived places much later than expected, gotten lost, and had some money issues though I don't like to dread on those. And I've gotten to share these adventures with dear friends and my brother and myself. Europe is a beautiful place. Full of castles, gardens, palaces, and history. It will certainly not be my last as I've already planned my next trip to Italy-South! Other side of Sicily and Naples for real! Perhaps even further south. But for now, I'm back in MN chillin' with friends, eating American food, seeing family, and packing my bags for my next chapter-BOSTON!

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