Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ideas, People, and Things-A life musing

These are the three things people can talk about and today I had a revelation. The reason I hate small talk (things) is because I never talk about things. Catch-up is always talking about people and while interesting and I care about my loved ones, this allows for finite conversation, only to hear what's new with someone, and then what? It's this third category-ideas-where I enjoy the most and realized it's because of this category that I can have a meaningful, impacting, or memorable conversation with people I barely know or whom I have just met. The people I really click with are in this last category. It's the reason I can be anywhere and make friends without a ten year history and the reason why I can catch up with friends in a jiffy. It's also the reason I can sometimes feel bored playing catch-up; it's not my area of topicking.

I've also realized how incredibly hard it is for me to do nothing. A day where I bake, go on a hike, get my hair cut, and see a friend, isn't enough for me. I enjoyed all these things, especially the nice weather!, but I feel like multiple hours were spent doing what a lot of people enjoy doing: nothing. How am I such a lifeaholic? I think that is the answer. Because I am addicted to living life I want things to happen all the time and in a field like Sistema it does. When it doesn't, I feel like there is a void and I SHOULD be doing something, perhaps the reason is as simple as that's what I'm used to doing, and perhaps there is merit in always wanting life in the fullest sense of the word.

I also forget how much I love food until I come home. I have a habit (probably a bad one) of sampling the smorgasbord of food at our house. I need to taste every flavor all at once and it almost always hits in the evening, after metabolism slows down. It's so bizarre but today when I went to try a processed chip/cracker, I actually opted for the apple! A dietary trend I've noticed in my lifetime is if I don't have something for awhile, after going through withdrawal, I don't like it anymore. This started with Dr. Pepper when I gave it up in 8th grade for Lent, then candy (AMerican), then salami and burgers in TZ, and now chips and creamy cheeses. My body actually prefers healthy foods (not to mention can't eat the other stuff)!

Lastly, I'm still struggling with the consumerism attitude towards Christmas in America. The only reason people originally gave gifts was because it was a birthday. Now it's turned into the purpose and I'm a grinch if I don't participate. Why isn't sacrificing productivity at work and valuing and spending time with loved ones and eating a good meal sufficient? I certainly don't need any more material items. If I were traveling, it'd be understood I don't give gifts, but living here, it's an expectation, one that is usually unspoken. I'll cook you a dinner or spend time doing something together, is that okay? Yes part of this is me being a budget, but not wholly. I think even if I weren't on a budget (ha, that'll be the day), I'd conserve the money and spend it on something worthwhile. Yes I am calling your present unworthy.

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  1. For me, the exercise of gift giving is about spending enough time in another person's shoes to find the right gift.