Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whirlwind over, Phase III begins

I had yet another enlightening evening speaking to Jonathan Govias who I abbreviate as JG. We talked about a lot including the idea of facilitation vs. teaching, which he showed us a clip of him doing in Brazil and started out with a model of competence and eventually worked in each part of the orchestra, to the point where after 25-30 mins. he was only conducting cutoffs. It meant he could go back to Boston and they could play on their own. THIS is what we should be inspiring in our students. How do students learn? Observation, imitation, repetition. That's how a child learns. Someone also made a good point. Sistema never claimed to be kid-centric. We never established that as a tenet and if we thought it was implicit or assumed, well you know what they say about assumptions...Is this a tenet we all agree on? Because teaching majorly, continues to be teacher-centric.

After successful residency presentations (Yay Tony's public speaking class!), we've started having evaluation/assessment/research conversations and I heard a great tool: the utilization model, creating assessment from an organization's values, not their mission statement, and certainly not their programming. By doing so, an org creates intentional results instead of residual ones. Again something that makes so much sense, but isn't just there. Problem is, does ES have a consensus on national values?

 JG also said something very interesting about Sophie his 2 yr old daughter and literacy/education. It is essential to read because he wants her to be able to access any existing knowledge in any form and make new thoughts on them. That is what education should be, is it not? Especially in this day and age, we talk so much, we watch so much, we sometimes listen, but how often do we read? Not too much for the average person anyway. Every time I enter a plane (which seems to be at least monthly at this point!) and I sit down next to a child, they are not sleeping, they are not reading or drawing; rather they are playing Angry Birds on an ipad. When the flight attendant mandated all electronics must be shut off, the dad purchased a video for the kid on the tv, and when we reached 10,000 feet the iPad was resumed. Aside from not understanding the greatness of Angry Birds, we are incredibly hindering this new generation of children if they never read except when forced to in school, and the absence of activities like coloring or drawing stifle the child's creativity/imagination. Everything is becoming technology-driven and thought, which means innovation and creativity are being relegated to optional and our children will only view problems logically (a program to say the least). Without creativity, innovation, and new ideas, how are we not emotional robots merely using technology?

We've also learned a lot about group dynamic this week. I never studied psychology so while it isn't common sense, it's incredibly self-explanatory and easy to grasp and fascinating! If we treat any group discussion like an ensemble keeping the objective/end goal in mind, we can be a lot more productive.

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